San Francisco 311 Predictions Browser

How to browse predictions:

You can look at estimated times for completing cases by entering the case ID of a known case. These can be found on the San Francisco 311 website or use some suggestions here.

Some topics of interest can lead to interesting cases.

When you make a request of your own with San Francisco 311, record your request ID number, then come back here to check on how long you can expect before the request is fulfilled.

How long will your ticket take to complete? Let us guess.

You should have received a case number from SF311 if you filed a ticket. If you're interested in 311 predictions but don't have a case number to predict, try one of these:
  • 5361122
  • 5361122

What is San Francisco 311?

The SF311 Customer Service Center provides toll-free 24x7 government information and services to San Francisco residents, visitors, and businesses.

Some of the services provided by 311 include:

  • graffiti and street cleaning
  • pothole repair
  • filing a Muni complaint
  • reporting lost or found items
  • obtaining Muni route/schedule information
  • reporting abandoned vehicles, illegal signs, and broken parking meters

For more information, visit:

SF OpenData