About SF 311 Predictions

Why we built this:

The San Francisco 311 service is an important bridge between citizens and our government. In a small way, it allows us to feel empowered and heard and capable of improving our city. This was a natural draw for our team.

We also love data. It can tell stories, illuminate problems, rally people around causes, and much more. We know that the SF311 dataset reflects a rich, interesting political and social landscape and we want to tease meaningful inferences from the data.

Also, we hope that our analysis will have utility to the City government, and that some of the information we discover will help them operate more transparently and efficiently.

How we built this:

The site you're viewing is a simple Flask application using Bootstrap and deployed on Heroku. For information about the prediction and machine learning available on SF311.info, please see the How it Works page.

How you can help:

  • Do you have a burning curiosity to see if ____ impacts ticket resolution?
  • Do you have an explanation for one of our insights or a related anecdote?
  • Do you know someone who works for the city that should see this website?
  • Do you see a bug?
Please send us an email or open an issue on Github.

Who built it?


Walter is a data scientist coming from an academic neuroscience background. He completed his PhD at UCSF and after a postdoc at UCSF, became a fellow at the Data Incubator.


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Mark is a full-stack developer and former product manager who lives in Oakland. He's currently looking for an opportunity to write software for a socially conscious organization.

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What is San Francisco 311?

The SF311 Customer Service Center provides toll-free 24x7 government information and services to San Francisco residents, visitors, and businesses.

Some of the services provided by 311 include:

  • graffiti and street cleaning
  • pothole repair
  • filing a Muni complaint
  • reporting lost or found items
  • obtaining Muni route/schedule information
  • reporting abandoned vehicles, illegal signs, and broken parking meters

For more information, visit:

SF OpenData